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The Story of Tower Life 1

Sunsets are magical things…

...if you take the time and just stop.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, sunsets heal all that has happened that day. They transcend time and distance, allowing you to breathe in what you need, and breathe out what you should. Every single day, they are a unique and awesome thing shared among us all, no matter where we are.

Sunsets signify not only the end to a day, but a chance to start anew.

You may or may not know that our Tower Life series began with a photograph taken by my partner, Amy.

Original photo of Venice Beach California as the sun sets over the ocean with blue and orange sky and black palm tree silhouettes and lifeguard stand
Venice Beach | Nelson Makes Art

Just a few short weeks before, we had decided to take the company full-time and make a go of things together as business partners. We leapt head-first and started the business as a whole.

It was a crazy, insane time, and ultimately, the beginning of creating art to bring you closer to living your dreams.

The painting that grew from the photograph was one of my first ever attempts at acrylic, or using palette knives. Most of my previous pieces (outside theatrical designs) had been watercolors. For anyone who paints, you'll know how different watercolors and acrylics are. Not only is the consistency like going from juice to pudding, but the whole thought process and order of things is reversed.

To this day, Tower Life 1 remains one of my favorite pieces.

Why? It was a leap of faith. An attempt at something new, exciting, and terrifying. This photograph and the paintings that would follow, mark a beginning of all things new and magical, and most importantly, the first of many more adventures to come.


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