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About the Artists

Good art isn't just for your eyes. You should feel it.


10 Toes & 2 Fish explores painting, nature, and what it means to be a working artist. It's where the Nelson Makes Art team shares their expertise and their passion. It also dabbles in adventurous mixology, surf life, tiki culture, and goldfish. Welcome aboard!


Nelson Makes Art creates artwork that moves you. You don't just see the ocean; you feel the waves. You smell the salt and hear the gulls on the air. Our ambition is to add a little more color and light to your daily life.


Our Team

Nelson is a painter with roots in light. Using oil paints, acrylic, watercolor, or a digital stylus, he shapes color and form to create scenes that evoke deep emotion. They look pretty good, too.


Amy is an artist with a rare talent for strategy and marketing. Her keen eye for jewelry, resin art, and apparel inspires stylish product lines and one-of-a-kind art pieces.


Leigh is an Imagineer-turned-SEO specialist. Her passion for telling stories and sharing beautiful things means she loves getting the word out about NMA.

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