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Let Our New Nautilus Glassware Inspire Your Ocean Adventures

Between new nautical glassware, optimistic art show planning, and painting in the wild, spring has been a whirlwind in the studio.

Art Shows

The fate of the 2021 summer art show season is still up in the air. Will there be art festivals? Will people come to see and buy art? If we build it, will they come?

We'll keep you posted as the art festival situation evolves, so keep your fingers crossed!

Instead of dwelling on art show uncertainty, Nelson turned his recent attention toward a new style of nautical glassware.

Trio of hand-painted Castaway Stemless Martini Glasses by Nelson Ruger, with tropical ocean waves washing up the clear glass

Our classic Castaway Cocktails Glassware is based on the gentle ebb and flow of cool waves lapping warm tropical beaches.

It incorporates the aqua and turquoise of shallow tropical waters, that gradually fades into deeper offshore blues.

Nautilus Glassware

The new Nautilus Glassware line has a similar form, but ventures further offshore for inspiration. This design is inspired by the depths and mysteries of the deep sea. It speaks of windblown whitecaps and deep indigo waters.

The liquid technique of the Nautilus line gives the paint a web of translucent ripples, allowing light to spill in and out of your glass, highlighting the layered textures and shades.

Rather than aqua and turquoise, these glasses blend rich blue shades, indigos and cobalts, with the pure white of seafoam. They speak of sailing and long voyages across the open ocean. They also hint at the mysterious creatures that swim beneath the surface. Do you see a whale or the Kraken?

Close-up of hand-painted martini glass stem showing dark blue paint with a rough abstract edge on the clear glass

The Nautilus line carries a slightly more contemporary aesthetic than other glassware styles. It utilizes abstract broken edges along the bottom of the painted bowl. This modern design draws inspiration from deep coral or undersea cliffs and adds a sophisticated flair to the pieces.

This detail is unique on every glass, as this broken edge is created with a technique of letting the wet paint flow organically across the glass surface.

If you need a little more ocean mystique in your life or your cocktail hour, head over to the Nelson Makes Art store! You'll find more info, more photos, and be able to pick up a glass or two for your home tiki bar.

Painting in the Wild

White puddle of paint and artist's brush close to the camera, with a camping tent and trees slightly blurred in the background

As a special birthday treat, we headed out camping for a few days at the end of March. Nelson brought along some of his more portable paints and other assorted tools to do a little work out at the campsite.

Heading out of the city is always a welcome treat, but this year it's taken on a whole new significance. With the lack of a daily commute and cubicle, meals at restaurants, or any of the usual activities that get us away from home, being able to spend several days outside the apartment was even more special than usual.

Acrylic paint tubes and artist's brushes sitting on a picnic table with trees and mountains in the background

The beauty of southern California and the Ojai valley is an added bonus. Be on the lookout for an upcoming post about artists and nature. Trips like this can refuel your creativity in more ways than you realize.

Supporting your local county, state, and national parks also helps keep them around!

Hope you're staying safe, healthy, and happy, wherever you call home!

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