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How to Paint a Beach Scene with Palette Knives

Welcome to our YouTube Channel and Course Materials for painting "Day Dreaming, Vol. 2"

Nelson's hand holding a palette knife while painting Day Dreaming 2 with blue, green, and white oil paint.

We are excited to announce the premiere of our first set of painting tutorials on YouTube, beginning with "Day Dreaming, vol.2"!

We originally planned on releasing these videos as part of an online painting course, but we thought, with COVID-19 and all, it might be more fun for everyone to learn to paint with me for FREE!

Now you can find this series of four tutorial videos on our YouTube Channel, free of charge.

There's an introduction video at the beginning of the series that will help you collect your materials and get set up before starting to paint. It's kind of like cooking, much easier if you have everything nearby before you start.

These are the tools and paints I used, but feel free to use whatever you have on hand. This is just a guideline to point you in the right direction. We think art should be as fun and easy as possible.

Course Materials

Here's a list of materials you'll need in the course:

  • Oil Paints (whatever brand you want)

    • Prussian Blue

    • Titanium White

    • Pthalo Blue

    • Pthalo Green

    • Burnt Umber

    • Viridian Green

    • Sap Green

    • Lemon Yellow (or Cadmium Yellow Light)

    • Dioxazine Purple

  • Stretched canvas - (we use a 16"x20" that's been primed with white gesso)

  • Palette Knives - we use a few different kinds for this painting, but you can work with whatever shape and size you like

  • Varnish - for sealing it once it's dry (in a month or six).  We tend to use satin varnish.

  • Hanging hardware - for the back (if desired)

For your own reference, here's the original photo, taken by our very own Amy Colella on St. John's in the US Virgin Islands.

And here's a line drawing of the art that we use to lay out the painting.

If you have any questions or issues, please let us know by dropping us an email at

We are more than happy to help.

And we would LOVE to see your final artwork!  Don't be shy!  Either email us your creations or tag us on social media.

Whatever you do, relax, have fun, and create things that make you happy.


- Nelson


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If you love the beach, nature, travel, and art that celebrates them, you've come to the right spot!

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