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Enjoy a Tropical Getaway at Home

Use Your Own Beachy Stuff for a Tropical Staycation

Spring is rolling quickly toward summer, and outdoor temperatures are rising. Yet, most of us are staying indoors this month, to do our part for public health.

As the days lengthen, it's perfectly natural to miss the pool, or long for that warm sandy beach from a past vacation. Flipping through travel magazines is lovely, but we wanted something a little more tangible to help us re-capture that island spirit and soothe our cabin-fever.

Here's our easy guide to crafting a tropical getaway at home.

Plan Your Trip & Pick Your Location

If you're anything like us, planning an upcoming vacation has its own kind of awesome. We love pulling out a map or just googling the place we want to visit. It helps us gather ideas and get inspired.

For a staycation, the same principle can apply. Sit down with your family, roommate, or a nice cool drink and start planning the location for your getaway. Pick a place that makes you happy, and probably that you've been to before.

Do you have great memories of Vero Beach? Or Hawaii? Or a houseboat on a lake? Run with it! The more good memories you have, and the more souvenirs you can pull out, the better!

Beachy Barware & Tropical Drinks

For many of us, the perfect scene on a sandy beach isn't complete without a fruity beverage of choice. Whether it's a cocktail or a mocktail or a smoothie, something about tropical flavors and smells connects directly to how your brain stores memories. The more senses you can wrap in, the more signals tell your brain to chill out and relax like you're really there.

Some of our favorites are the Maui Margarita and the Painkiller

If you need more inspiration, feel free to check out our whole Pinterest board full of gorgeous and tasty recipes. It brings us joy.

To up your beach game a step further, serve up your beverages in memorable, beachy glassware. These Castaway Glasses are some of our favorites. You can see the surf as you sip your cocktail, the perfect combo.

However, it doesn't need to be fancy. One of our other regular favorites is a set of plastic cups garnered from a Florida seafood dive. It just needs to be something that reminds you of the shore.

Island Playlist

Sound is another sense to use to your advantage. Find a playlist that makes you feel like you're on vacation. There are dozens of great island or summery mixes on YouTube or whichever music platform you use. We love Hawaiian Cafe, especially since it has ambient sounds along with the music. Find one that makes you smile and put it on repeat. The chill tunes will transport you and help you relax at the same time.

Pull Out Your Mementos!

Do you ever come home from your adventures with treasured mementos, only for those things to end up packed away in a closet or drawer within a month? If so, now is the time to pull them out!

Photos, hats, plastic leis, snowglobes, anything is fair game. The goal is to surround yourself with memories of your trip. You can even hang beach towels over the furniture. Go wild!

We actually leave beach art up year-round, so we can always see beautiful places that bring us joy. We're total suckers for that sort of thing.

Smell Like Sunshine

Do you have any beachy candles or air fresheners around that smell tropical?

Or, do you have any lotions that you use mostly during the summer? Sometimes a tiny whiff of Coppertone is all it takes.

Wander the House in Swimwear

While you're dabbing on that sunscreen, you might as well change into your swimwear. Nothing feels quite as chill as wandering around in a soft swimsuit or trunks, and your favorite beach T-shirt or tank.

You may consider altering the thermostat to accommodate this one, or just opening the windows! Either way, it's entirely worth it to get to lounge around like you've just stepped in off the dunes.

Top it off with your favorite beach jewelry. I know you have some. We love these. Pull it out and soak in those happy memories.

Lie on Your Towel & Read a Book

Now that you're all dressed up, pull out those beach towels! Pick a comfy spot, floor, bed, couch, or whatever. Spread out your towel and relax.

Even better, grab a book you've wanted to read for a bit. Now chill on your towel and read to your heart's content, just like you would under an umbrella at the shore.

Watch the Sunset

How often do you take the time to watch the sun set when you're at home? Probably not a lot. There are always so many things vying for your attention!

Vacations, however, give you the time to relax, chill out, and enjoy the beautiful world around you. 

Make a date to watch the sunset and enjoy the colors. Taking a moment to be consciously grateful for the experience you've created for yourself will make it even more special.

Order-in Exotic Foods

To extend your getaway a bit longer, order-in from a local restaurant that specializes in the cuisine of your chosen destination. Maybe that's island food, perhaps it's fresh seafood, or maybe it's Thai! Whatever keeps you in that getaway mood, go for it. Your local restaurants need extra help right now, so you'll get to feel good about it at the same time.


Use any of these tips for one awesome day, or extend them for a relaxing long weekend. As long as you're having a good time, you're doing it right!

Remember, it's important to take care of yourself, especially right now. Relaxation and joy are a huge part of your physical and emotional wellbeing.

We hope these steps can bring you as much beachy fun as they do for us. We're all in this together!

Huli pau! (That’s Hawaiian for "Cheers!")


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