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Capsule Tales: Tiny Stories Painting Your Walls

Have you seen our Capsule Tales? These small works of art pack big colors, big stories, and a touch of mystery.

Original acrylic painting of navy blue palm trees silhouetted against a red, white, and blue sky.
Capsule Tale #20 | by Nelson Ruger

Small Package, Big Story

The Capsule Tale series started, as most things do, with a story.

Somewhere out there, in the vast Pacific Ocean, there's an island. Unusual things happen on this tropical oasis, and to the people who happen across it.

Nelson wanted to start sharing the tales of this island, its inhabitants, and its visitors. But, instead of writing a book, he wanted to share the mystery through paintings.

Each Capsule Tale is a tiny snippet of this story, laid out on canvas or board, to be discovered by anyone willing to take a closer look.

A short written tale accompanies each piece, sealed in an envelope and attached to the back of the painting. Every tale is unique, just like every painting. There are no prints or copies.

Your Own Personal Narrative

One of art's best qualities is that no two viewers repeat the exact same experience. Every person who views a piece of art sees it in the context of their own life experience, opinions, and emotions.

How you view a painting is different from your friend, sibling, or the stranger standing next to you. Your experience is entirely unique and entirely your own.

This is why the written stories are sealed. You create a story when you see the painting. Nelson created a different story when he painted it.

Both stories are real. So, what do you do?

Do you want to open the envelope and read what's within?

A Capsule Tale story by Nelson, sealed with red wax in a brown travel envelope, sitting on a writing desk

It's Your Choice

When you buy a Capsule Tale, the story becomes yours. It is entirely up to you if you want to leave the mystery sealed up, or reveal it to the light of day.

You're the storyteller, now.

Explore the full Capsule Tale Collection here:

You never know what mystery may strike your fancy...

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