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5 Ideas for Relaxation

National Relaxation day, August 15th, is a day to pause, take a deep breath, and allow yourself to relax. Humans need relaxation time, just like we need sleep and food. Our brains can’t function well without it, and we like our brains.

“There is more to life than increasing its speed.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi
Bare feet walking along the beach and being washed by waves at sunset

With so many people working from home this year, the boundaries between work and rest time are often blurred. This can make it hard to wind down when business hours are over, because you’re in the very same environment where you use your laptop and attend zoom meetings.

Even if this isn’t your current situation, we all live in a fast-paced world. Relaxation doesn’t necessarily come naturally. Taking the time to stop and pay attention to what helps you relax, then implementing those things in your life, can make all the difference in how you are able to handle the stresses and the joys of daily life.

Here are a few ideas to help you celebrate National Relaxation Day.

1. Go outside, with snacks

It’s good to take a walk outdoors, but it can be even more relaxing to stop and sit and just take in the world for a few minutes. Taking a snack outside with you, even if it’s just a granola bar and a bottle of water, will encourage you to stop and sit for a moment. Watching the world continue to flow around you, whether it’s people on the sidewalk or birds in the trees, can be a soothing reminder that the world is full of life and that not everything has changed since the pandemic started.

2. Create something

Human beings are creative by nature. The forms that creativity takes are as numerous and individual as our faces. Some people love cooking, while others sing. Some find joy in solving complex problems or building the most efficient spreadsheets. Journaling can be an easy way to let your creativity flow out of your head, while also helping you organize your thoughts. Painting is another fun and soothing way to express feelings while making something colorful. If you’d like a little direction (because that blank page can be scary, too) click over to one of Nelson’s painting tutorials. You can follow along in real-time, pause as necessary, or just ignore it completely and do your own thing. Don’t worry about the outcome. The point is just to relax and let stuff from the inside flow out.

3. Have a Staycation

If you love that chill, vacation vibe, then why not build it at home? Turn on some tropical tunes, pull out the beach towels, and grab a silly summer book. There are lots of ways to bring that vacation feeling into your home, without spending a dime. We shared a whole list of our favorite staycation ideas in a previous post. Let the chilling commence!

4. Chill by the Water

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool or live by the beach, you hardly need us to mention this one. However, for those further from the shore, the relaxing quality of water can still work wonders. If you have a stream, pond, or lake nearby, consider Tip #1 and pack a picnic. Spending an hour or two listening to the lap of a stream is amazingly soothing, even if you’re just parked in a shady spot nearby. If all else fails, loading up a video loop of a stream or seashore and setting it on repeat can fill your space with a calming natural music. Work with what you have!

5. Nap

Yeah, this one is pretty obvious, but it’s often overlooked. Give yourself the luxury of a nap during the day. You work hard all the time. Most of us are living in some degree of sleep deficit. Just give yourself one day to nap as much as you like. It’s what National Relaxation Day is meant for.

Empty sandals lying in soft white sand on a Florida beach

We hope you celebrate National Relaxation Day in whatever way you find most relaxing. You deserve it!

If you want to help other people find their chill, share your brilliant Relaxation Day ideas in the comments. The more ideas we can share, the more relaxed everyone can be!


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